nelpeh loves working with content creators.

With 7 years of freelancing experience, I specialize in everything a Content Creator needs and offer my services to both the german & english community.


Marvin is a Content Creator that runs multiple YouTube Channels and streams on Twitch, he wanted a clean and consistent design that unites his gaming and real-life videos/streams while still making the difference clear for his viewers, we used blue for his real-life related content and red for gaming.

For his stream we created this Overlay as a combination of multiple elements, and a Facecam for use outside of the overlay.


Zenx creates Gaming Content on YouTube and streams on Twitch, and his favorite games are Apex Legends and Pokémon. We made sure his design matched his main characters on Apex Legends while leaving room for his Pokémons. The splatter style is part of his visual identity.

I went for a rather abstract way of using the splatter to better fit his name, thinking that the letters “z” and “x” are seldom used and it made for a better combination with the Characters.

No doubt, this is the most abstract and artistic out of all of my Designs, I had a lot of fun working on it!

He knows that Thumbnails are important to catch the viewers eye, especially in times where the average attention span is low and supply of content is high, which is why we create eye-catching Thumbnails for all of his videos, making sure he doesn’t get scrolled over by a potential viewer!